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Thesis Advisor吴清江
Degree Grantor中国科学院水生生物研究所
Place of Conferral中国科学院水生生物研究所
Degree Discipline水生生物学
Keyword红细胞抗原 抗体 雌核发育 Mhc单倍型 超免疫 遗传性 免疫记忆
Abstract通过经典血清学试验首次在红鲫(Carassius auratus,简称R C Carp)群体中发现一种RBC抗原的个体差异性,有四种表型,把这种存在于红鲫中的RBC抗原多型性现象称之为S血型系统,该系统中有2种抗原因子S~1,S~2,另有缺乏抗原类型S~0,四种血型表型是:S~1,S~2,S~1,S~2,S~0,推测是由一个座位上的二个显性等位基因S~1和S~2以及另一个零等位基因S~0组成的复等位基因系列所决定。不同的血型表型交配一子裔分析结果证明,红鲫群体中存在着可能的6种基因型:S~1S~1,S~1S~0,S~2S~2,S~2S~0,S~1S~2,S~0S~0。X~2测验值均P>0.05。通过计算基因频率和基因型频率而得到的各种表型的理论数与实际数值非常接近(P>0.05),证明红鲫S血型系统由一个座位(locus)的三个等位基因(S~1,S~2,S~0)所控制的假设是可以接受的。试验结果还证明S血型与人类ABO血型没有吻合的抗原因子类型。雌核发育是研究鲫类MHC分子的良好方法。红鲤雌核发育二代(GF_2-8413和GF_2-8305)在鳞片移植-排斥反应中的移植成活时间(MST)比对照鲤鱼(普通红鲤以及红鲤杂交鲤<->杂交鲤)高出2-3倍,并且分别有11%左右和80%左右的移植永久存活(超过35天),表明G_2的MHC单倍型的纯合性程度已相当高。GF_2-8305更适合于作为遗传育种研究中的纯系。用杀死的GCRV作为抗原对草鱼(Ctenipharyngodon idellis)进行人工超免疫(superimmune)得到了一代IGF:在正常状态下与对照草鱼无异(Ig水平无差异)。但是用活的或死的GCRV攻击时,其反应敏感性和强度似乎比对照鱼来得要高(在Ig变化中平均有一个-log2滴度差异)。在活的GCRV攻击时,Ig开始有一个较剧烈的下降过程,然后鱼的成活与Ig的升高有相关性,Ig继续下降的个体则全部死亡(JGF,R 保护作用为68%,对照组为46.7%)。IGF与对照鱼表现出一定的应答差异,初步认为可能与草鱼对GCRV抗原的记忆的的传递有关。讨论了免疫记忆的遗传的可能原因。
Other AbstractIn this thesis the individual differences of red blood cell (RBC)antigen which has four phenotypes in Red Crucian Carp (Carassius auratus) populations is reported for first time. This RBC antigen polymorphism existed in R. C. Carp is nominated as S-blood system. There are two antigen factors S~1, S~2 and an antigen-lacking type S~0 in this system. The four blood group phenotypes are: S~1, S~2, S~1S~2 and S~0 which are assumed to be controlled by two dorminant alleles S~1, S~2 and a zero allele S~0 in one locus. The analysis of phenotype mating-off-spring reveals 6 possible genotypes: S~1S~1, S~1S~0, S~2S~2, S~2S~0, S~1S~2, S~0S~0. The theoretical phenotypes obtained from calculating gene frequencies and genotype ratio are very close to the observed data. All these evidences have proved the hypothesis that the S-system in R. C. Carp is controlled by three alleles (S~1, S~2 and S~0) in one locus is acceptable. The experimental results also show that the antigenic factors of S system in R. C. Carp is not compatible with those of human ABO system. Gynogenesis is a good method in studing fish MHC molecules. In scale graft-reject reaction the median survival time (MST) of gynogenetic red carp F_2 (GF_2-841 and GF_2-8305) is much longer than those of controls (normal red carp and normal red carp <-> hybrid carp). Furthermore, there are about 11% grafts permanent survival (>35 days) in GF_2-8413 and that ratio in GF_2-8305 is more than 80%. It is demonstrated that the homozygous degree of MHC haplotype in GF_2-8413 and GF_2-8305 is quite high. The gynogenetic GF_28305 is more acceptible as a pure line in breeding. The offspring (IGF_1) (immune grass carp F_1) is aquired by artificially superimmuning grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus) with killed Grass Carp Reovirus (GCRV). There is no difference between IGF_1 and control in normal condition of Ig concentration, while the sensitivity and intensity in IGF_1 seems to be higher than the normal control (there is a-log2 titre difference) when injected by virulent GCRV and inactivated GCRV killed with formalin. A violent Ig reduce is detected after injection of virulent GCRV and then there is a correlation between the fish survival and the increasing of Ig. All the individuals which Ig contunue reduce die. The certain differences against GCRV between IGF_1 and normal control is probably involved in the inheritable menory and the possible mechanisms of fish memeory are discussed.
Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
童金苟. 鱼类免疫应答的遗传研究[D]. 中国科学院水生生物研究所. 中国科学院水生生物研究所,1990.
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