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Thesis Advisor张宪孔
Degree Grantor中国科学院水生生物研究所
Place of Conferral中国科学院水生生物研究所
Degree Discipline水生生物学
Abstract含chlc的藻类统称为杂色藻类(Chromophyte),这类藻是水体的重要原初生产者。随着我国水产事业的迅猛发展,对作为特别是水产品的开口饵料的一些单细胞杂色藻类的培养提出了迫切的要求,相应显示出对其有关基础工作开展研究的重要性。本文以硅藻中的小环藻为材料,较系统的研究了其对不同生长光强的反应特性。同时,对其色素组成进行了分析,并对菱形藻(硅藻)和湛江叉鞭金藻(金藻)的叶绿素C组份进行了较为深入的比较分析。小环藻属于低光强适应种类(其光补偿点Ic = 1.3μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1),生长光饱和系数I_k = 42μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1))。在60μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1)的较低光强下,小环藻即达到了最佳生长,其最大生长速率μ = 1.2div·day~(-1),生长效率ag=28 * 10~(-9)div·day~(-1)μE~(-1)·m~2·s。在一定光强范围内,小环藻的生长速率,光合速率和呼吸速率均随光强的升高而增加。在国际上常用的以chl和C为单位的光合速率单位中,通过实验论证,我们认为以C为单位的表示方法较能反映实际生长趋势。小环藻对不同光强的反应明显地反映在其光合器上。低光强(30μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1))较之在高光强(150μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1))下生长的细胞中叶绿体的数目增多,类囊体表面密度增大,其光合色素的含量相对增加。光强对小环藻的主要营养组份有不同程度的影响。低光强(<30μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1))下蛋白质含量高,随着光强的增加,其含量降低并趋于稳定。在较稳定的情况下(>30μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1)),小环藻的蛋白质、脂肪和糖类分别占细胞干重的38±1%,33±1%和13±1%。用聚丙烯酰胺薄板层析和吸收光谱测定对小环藻进行光合色素组成分析,结果表明,小环藻含有chla, c_1和c_2等叶绿素和β-carotene, fucoxanthin, diatoxanthin, diadino xanthin, neofucoxanthin,及一种未鉴定的共六种类胡萝卜素。其色素组成基本上不受光强的影响。该方法不仅能迅速、简便有效地将chlc_1和c_2分离,还从叉鞭金藻中成功地得到第三种chlc组份。它与最近报道的chlc_1不同,其光谱特点(均在吡啶溶剂中)为:吸收光谱在468.5nm(III),597.2(II)和640.7nm(I)处各有一个吸收峰,其峰高比III/I=14.31, II/I=1.38;激发光谱在467nm,595nm及643nm外各有一个吸收峰;发射光谱在651mm及710nm处各有一个吸收峰。我们认为这是一种新的chlc,如按发现顺序排序则应为chic_4。
Other AbstractResponses of Chromophytes to different irradiances and its photosynthetic pigment component analyses Cyclotella HP3 was grown in batch culture at 25 ℃. Continuous illunination was provided by cool white fluorescent lamps. The irradiance levels ranged from 8 to 150 μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1). At each irradiance, during exponential growth, concurreny measurements were made of cell division rate, photosynthetic performance, dard resperation rate, cellular composition containing carbohydrate, lipid, protein and photosynthetic pigment composition of cells from high (150μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1)) and low(300μE·m_(-2)·s_(-1)) irradiances were compared. In addition, chlorophyllc fractions from Dicrateria zhanjiangensis and Nitzschia DP6 were comparatively studied. The results indicate that the chloroplast number and its thylakids surface density of cells cultured at high irradiance (150μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1)) were lower than that of cells cultured at low irradiance (30μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1)). Cyclotella HP3 was found to be a low-light-adapted species (Ic=1.3μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1) and Ik=42μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1)) and could tolerate a relatively high light envirenments (>150μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1)). It had a higher growth efficiency of 28 * 10~(-9)div·day~(-1)μE~(-1)·m~2·s, and a maximum division rate of 1.2 div·day~(-1) at 60μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1). In a range of definite light intensities, growth rate, photosynthetic performance and ark resperation rate had a positive correlation with irradiance levels. It had a higher protein content at low irradiance levels (<30μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1)) and decreased at high irradiance levels to about 38% of cell dry weight. But its contents of lipid and carbohydrate increased with increase of light intensity and had mean values of 33±1% and 13±1% respectively (>30μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1)). The relationship between light intensity and contents of photosynthetic pigments had a shape of "∧", that is, they had a positive correlation at lower irradiance levels (<30μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1)) and a positive correlation at lower irradiance levels (<30μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1)) and a negative correlation at higher irradiance levels (>30μE·m~(-2)·s~(-1)). The photosynthetic pigments of Cyclotella HP3 comprised chla, c_1, c_2, β-carotene, fucoxanthin, diatoxanthin, diatoxanthin, diadinoxanthin, neofucoxanthin and a unknown xanthophyll. No effects of light intensity were found on pigment composition. Both Cyclotella HP3 and Nitzschia DP6 had chl c_1 and c_2, but Dicrateria zhanjiangensis had a new chlc fraction besides chl c_1 and c_2. This new chlc fraction, named chl c_4 by us, had absorption maxima of 468. 5nm(III), 597.2(II) and 640.7nm(I), and band ratios of 14.31(III:I), 1.38(II:I) in pyridin. Its fluorescence property had also been studied and had emission maxima of 651nm and 710nm, and exitation maxima of 467nm, 595nm and 643nm in pyridin.
Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
潘俊敏. 杂色藻类(Chromophyte)对光强的反应及其色素组成分析[D]. 中国科学院水生生物研究所. 中国科学院水生生物研究所,1989.
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